Visual Watermark

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It has become our habit to upload online the photos we take. We do it to share it with our friends and family and also as a way to store them. But because there’s a big chance other people can access the photos we store online, there’s no telling what other people will do them. It’s not uncommon for people to use other people’s photos and not leave any credit to the photographer or owner.

This is where Visual Watermark comes in. This app adds a digital watermark to the your photos, ensuring that your ownership of the image is never taken for granted. This also discourages people from using your photos without permission.

While there are many watermark applications out there, Visual Watermark has a number of features that make it stand out. For example, you can batch upload images and apply your watermark on them all at once. This is a nifty feature that shortens the amount of time needed to process your photos.

You can choose from many basic watermark templates from within the app and you can preview it on the first image you upload so you can see how it looks on the photo before you commit to it. Upon choosing the template you can then change the logo, or you can enter your personal contact information, and company name using a variety of fonts and sizes, depending on your personal preference.

The user has a lot of control over the watermark – the watermark can be resized, and the transparency can be adjusted. The cool thing here is that you can choose adjust the transparency of the whole watermark or you can just choose particular elements of the watermark. This is a level of customizability and personalization that users will definitely appreciate. Upon application of the customized watermark you can see a list of the output images to ensure that the process is completed. The processed images can be viewed from within the Visual Watermark app or from another viewer.

Visual Watermark was developed with ease of use in mind. When you open the program the chosen watermark will aready appear for easy application. But if you want to use another watermark then it’s as easy as opening that image.

Visual Watermark is probably one of the best watermark apps out there. If you produce and manage many images then this is worth the $19.95 investment.

Visual Watermark

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