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HotMacApps Review:

CrazyTalk7 is a great facial animation application. It allows you to take images of people, creatures, objects and make them talk. Not just with a voice over, but actual movements and muscle reflexes. Also the best part is how easy it is to get going, you can select a few sample characters and then add your own voice overs either by typing your text or just speaking it, then the software automatically adjusts the animation to go with its new script.

CrazyTalk7 can be seen as a fun “toy” application, however it is also very powerful, it can go into great details and can be used to create some great short animations. Now obviously its not at the same quality as what you would expect to see in recent releases but its not that far off. You can literally create your own cartoons, youtube channels and stories with CrazyTalk7. Its also fast and quite easy to use after a little playing around. Another great thing is the speed, it processes all characters and voice changes quite quick compared to some advanced animation software like after effects or anime studio.

  • Platform: Mac
  • Price: $29.99
  • Version: 7.031.1031.1
  • Category: Video
  • Size: 168 MB
  • Developer: Reallusion Inc.


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