DJ Mixer Pro

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There are many people who have aspirations to become a DJ, and it’s quite understandable. A DJ’s job is cool. You get to spin records you like, create the atmosphere at parties and there’s a level of cerebral involvement in putting records together into a cohesive and engaging set.

The advent of digital technology has democratized the DJ scene. You don’t really need to buy those expensive DJ machines just to get into DJing. For the budding DJ, DJing software is a great option because it is more affordable and it can still be used in conjunction with actual DJ equipment in case you want to pursue DJing seriously.

One of the players in the market is DJ Mixer Pro, a software developed by The company is composed of a group of programmers who also moonlight as DJs. The app contains the usual features you’d expect from a DJ mixer – two turntables, a mixer, cross fader, and speed adjuster. You get to control and manipulate the songs that you are playing for maximum flexibility. You won’t have problems loading songs and for those who are still trying out their budding DJ skills, there’s a handy BPM counter that makes it easy to match beats between two songs.

DJ Mixer Pro is a really cool app for DJs of all levels. Beginners and DJs with intermediate or professional skills can use this without any trouble. It is versatile enough to address different skill levels.

One complaint I have is that DJ Mixer Pro is too stark. It is mostly blacks and whites and this may be hard to see especially in an actual club setting. I haven’t seen if there’s a way to change the color scheme but it would be cool if it could be done.

You can never go wrong with DJ Mixer Pro.

DJ Mixer Pro

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