Dreamland: Halloween Adventure Game HD

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Just in time for Halloween, Nevosoft releases a new adventure game. Dreamland: Halloween Adventure Game takes place in an abandoned amusement park. The player must traverse the park to find her missing brother.

For those not familiar with the genre, Adventure games involve a lot of exploring and finding items. Typically you’ll enter a mini-area and have to find everything on a list and for finding those things, you’ll be rewarded with an item that is needed to solve a puzzle somewhere else in the game.

This game adds something new to the mix as you’ll encounter mini-games along the way that will reward you with items that solve other puzzles. While playing we encountered a match three game and also jigsaw puzzle. There may be more types available in the full version of the game, but we only had the chance to review the FREE-to-Play version.

The environments and voice acting are very creepy and create a great tone for the game. This combined with beautiful visuals and soundtrack, make this a great game for adventure and thrill seekers alike. If you’re into adventure games this is definitely worth your time. (The Full Versions of the Game are on sale for Halloween)

Note: Full Version of the iPod/iPhone version is $1.99
Full Version of the iPad version is $2.99

Dreamland: Halloween Adventure Game HD

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