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Scrapbooks. Invitations. Photo collages. Storify-like visual stories. Birth announcements. Desktop wallpapers. Email stationary.

GoodTimes helps you use your own photos to create these kinds of things and so much more, with style, simplicity, and a great sense of fun. With simple drag-and-drop techniques, you can package a collection of photos in a beautiful presentation, to share with family, friends, and your favorite social networks.

With 39 pre-made templates to choose from, there’s something in GoodTimes to suit almost any need. Once you’ve picked a template that works for you, you can insert your photos by clicking on the predetermined spots. Some of these spots will have frames around them, others are just highlighted areas of the template. Everything is rendered in high-res, photo-realistic detail, be it the picture frames, backgrounds, or the real-world objects that add style and flavor to your creations. The app even makes recommendations on what kinds of pictures will work best in each photo spot: individual shots, group shots, and so on.

Developer TheKeptPromise specializes in helping people capture and share memories, so their attention to the smaller details is exceptionally high. You’ll find all sorts of little flourishes — including conditional grid lines, Mountain Lion gestures, dynamic rendering, Instagram-like photo filters, built-in video tutorials, and much more — that show just how much TheKeptPromise cares about making your photo collections look their very best. And the enormous library of 3D objects that comes with the app can add greatly to your creations. Although as big as this library is, I can’t help wondering if TheKeptPromise plans to add more objects, templates, frames, and backgrounds to the app in the future.

Once you’re happy with what you’ve created, share it with your friends on Facebook, Tweet it to your followers, or post it to Flickr, all from inside the app. Or you can just save it as an image file and do with it what you will.

GoodTimes is a smart, well-made productivity app for making fun, practical presentations out of all those digital photos taking up space on your hard drive. I can’t imagine anyone being unable to find good uses for it.


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