Like A Sir

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Moustaches are becoming quite popular nowadays. Facial hair has become hipsterized  — the more ironic your moustache is, the better. While not everyone can actually grow thick, bushy soup strainers (there are a lot of men who suffer from this), everyone can take pictures – and this is where Like A Sir comes in.

Like A Sir is a cute little entertainment app that allows you to add various types of moustaches, high hats and monocles to a person’s photo. The app came about because of a Reddit comment of a person who wanted an app “That lets you take photos and add top hats, monocles and mustaches, and share it with friends on Facebook or Twitter.” Developer Adrian Chrysanthou contacted the redditor and told him he will work on an app that does just what he wanted.

Like A Sir was released a few weeks after Chrysanthou talked to the redditor who came up with the idea and it has met with a lot of positive response. It was even featured in the frontpage of The app is currently on its ninth version.

The app works well on what it does. There are 11 moustaches to choose from, four monocles, five hats and even a martini glass. To use the app you just need to take a photo using the app or use an existing photo from the photo library. The photo is then scaled to fit a square and that’s where you add the details you want. You can share the photo in Facebook or Twitter.

A gripe about the app is that controls can be a bit hit and miss. There are times when scaling just stops working. There’s also a weird glitch where when you use the back camera, the app shows an extremely enlarged version of the photo and it is hard to scale it down to the proper size. The front camera works a little better but it’s still a variation of the same glitch. Aside from this, placing the moustaches can be a lot of fun and it’s quite funny when you look at the finished photo.

Like A Sir costs 99 cents at the App Store.

Like A Sir

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