Mad Rush

Reviewed on November 2nd, 2011


Device: iPad/iPhone Price: $0.99 Version: Category: Games Developer: Krivorukoff LLP

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Mad Rush is a Racing/Jump game of sorts. Imagine Doodle Jump, but instead of jumping off of platforms, you’re jetpacking to a finish line, while racing against an opponent. Racing with a jetpack definitely gives the player a rush.

There are three game modes. Die-Hard mode has the player gather fuel and boost by eating bugs while avoiding obstacles. Slalom mode has the player eats bugs as well and the obstacles create an outline leading to a marker, much like in skiing. Nitro mode gives only arrows as a way to boost while still having to avoid obstacles.

There are a total of 10 different worlds, each world having its own opponent you must race against. The player can earn three stars in each game mode of every world. These stars earn skill points that can be used to upgrade speed, burst, magnet and shield. Each type of skill can be upgraded four times.

The game uses tilt controls and even though we’re not a fan of this type of gameplay, it’s very responsive for this game. We would like to see slide control added at a later time. Also, the developer will be adding multiplayer at a later time. We can’t wait to get some online Mad Rush games going on.

Overall this is a fun an addictive game. It’s very easy to pick up and play. You’ll find yourself challenged by trying to gather all three stars on every level and once multiplayer comes out, the game will have infinite replay value. If you’re a fan of jumping games, jump on this one.

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Once upon a time, there lived a little rabbit. He grew up without his father, who disappeared many years ago in a galactic racing tournament. But despite the rabbit’s small size and the absence of a father, he was born with a powerful force beating within his heart! Little did he know that when they are most needed, his powers would awaken from deep inside, helping him defend his home from the evil Mr. Storm, who has his sights set on destruction!

In the presence of such evil, will our hero fulfil his destiny? Will you help him along his journey? Are you up to the challenge?

A New supersonic adventure is in your hands!

Use the power of your mind to rocket across the sky and become the best racer in the planet as you compete for the survival of your home.

Collect special power-ups and exotic bonuses along the way.

Play the unlimited single player campaign or with friends around the world in multiplayer mode (coming soon!).

- HD graphics (iPhone Retina + HD iPad)
- Cute animations and SFXs
- 10 amazing unique opponents
- 10 outstanding levels
- 3 unique types of gameplay (DieHard, Slalom and Nitro race)
- 30 races combined into a solid storyline campaign
- Rock'n'roll soundtrack and a dozen individual voices
- Special bonuses

Enjoy Mad Rush today.
Let’s rock!


Mad Rush

Our Rating: Device: iPad/iPhone Price: $0.99 Category: Games Size: 170 MB

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    Good game for fun with friends/for me alone :)

    Wanna to waiting more games from Krivorukoff

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