Master Key – Lock, Protect and Manage Your Info! App Review

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We definitely live in the digital information age. As well as we remember all that information, it’s helpful to have all the pertinent information in one place.  Credit Cards, Drive License, Passport, usernames, passwords, after a while it becomes too much for the average mind.  That’s where Master Key – Lock Protect and Manage Your Info! comes in.

The app has templates ready for your to enter information for your bank accounts, credit cards, social security card, passport, online accounts, e-mail accounts.  If you’d like to add custom fields to any of these, you may do that as well.  The items can be displayed alphabetically or by category.

Once all the information has been entered you can set a password.  We made our password 18 numbers long but you may be able to go longer than that.  When you are prompted to enter the password, there is numeric view or a keypad with no numbers or symbols so anyone that may be eavesdropping while you enter your password can’t connect the number you are punching in.

Once you confirm the password you are given the option to backup your password via Dropbox.  This is a great feature because you never know when you might forget your password.  In addition you are able to backup/restore the whole database via Dropbox in case you lose your device or it fails.

Another great security feature is the ability to set a number of failed attempts to login.  If that number is reached then all the data in the app will automatically be deleted, to protect your information.  By default this option is set to never.

Overall this is a great way to store all of your vital information in case you need to access it, while being very secure from prying eyes.  We highly recommend this app if you’re looking to store sensitive information on your iDevice.



Master Key – Lock, Protect and Manage Your Info! App Review

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