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Reviewed on January 23rd, 2012


Device: iPad/iPhone Price: FREE Version: 1.0 Category: Games Developer: sulake Corporation

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Niko is a platform game that stays true to it’s roots. You play as a cat-like creature that can walk, jump and climb walls and ceilings.

The controls are simple enough. Left and right arrows to move accordingly. Hold down the Niko icon to initiate jumping, then you pull and rotate your finger away from the button while still holding down to aim and let go for him to make the jump. If the little dots are red while aiming on jump, then he won’t jump, but if they’re white he’ll make the jump. In addition to making jumps to walls, Niko will often land on trampolines and be bounced around, you can still move left to right while in air. Most trampoline jumps are like bumpers from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and keep bouncing you till you land.

Your goals in the game are to get as men little coins as you can. Also there are three gold slides in every level, but usually they are hidden. To get three stars at the end of the level your best bet is to get the coins as fast as you can because they chain together for a better score.

From what I’ve played of this game, I’m really impressed by. I haven’t seen gameplay mechanics this good in a platform game on iOS yet. Please note, I’ve only played the demo levels so I can’t speak to the full version of the game that is offered as an In-App Purchase of $1.99. The first 5 levels I was disappointed by lacks of obstacles and enemies, then on the sixth level they added moved platforms and spikes. So I’m sure on the next levels they’ll have enemies to dodge, which would this game stellar.

Overall I’d this game has great potential and looks to be the best platformer I’ve seen on the iOS yet. Definitely download it to try out the FREE levels.


App Store Description:

A must-have platformer" -- Games News

"A fantastically fun little platformer!" -- TheGamersHub

"...a superhero that looks like a mogwai and has the stealth of a ninja!" -- 148Apps

"...each level brings new dangers and adventures" --

#1 Free Game in Finland!

Top 10 adventure game in over 20 markets, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, Holland and many more!

"Niko is an inspiring adventure combining incredible sling shot actions and amazing platform level designs."

A rare and courageous creature, Niko finds his friends are captured by a monstrous world beneath the forest. With only a moment to make a choice, and unable to imagine a life apart from his friends, Niko makes the inspirational choice to leap into the treacherous Otherworld to save them. Now without your help, Niko and his friends could be lost!

So you can play the first 6 levels for free before you buy and unlock the full game.

Sometimes sliding, sometimes bouncing, and sometimes flipping, you launch Niko through the dangerous Otherworld, completing the levels that take you to the monstrous creatures who guard Niko's friends. You'll collect many achievements on your journey to help Niko rescue each friend and unlock the deep secrets of the Otherworld. We wish you luck!

As you progress in the Niko game, you will be able to unlock rewards and redeem them in Habbo Hotel, the world's largest social game and online community for teens. There're fun virtual items you can bring to Habbo and show off to your friends, such as special Niko Badges, Niko Trophy, and even a Surprise Item if you rescue all Niko's friends!

Disclaimer: All the redeemable Habbo rewards from Niko are virtual items only available in Habbo Hotel. Rewards are based on your achievements in Niko and are not associated with Apple nor its products. Apple is not a sponsor nor is involved in any way.

Niko is brought to you by Sulake, the maker of Habbo Hotel, the world's largest social game and online community for teens.

Resumen en español:
Niko es una excitante aventura que combina un arcade muy creativo con un asombroso juego de plataformas. Tienes que ayudar a Niko a rescatar a sus amigos, que han quedado atrapados en una misteriosa dimensión paralela, y lo tendrás que hacer a toda velocidad en niveles cada vez más complicados, esquivando trampas, burlando a monstruos y consiguiendo objetivos. Y vosotros, miembros de la comunidad de Habbo, podéis conseguir algunos extras para el Hotel por llevar a Niko de vuelta a Habbo.

Breve em Português:
Niko é uma aventura emocionante que combina ações de estratégia e uma incríveil plataforma de níveis. Você precisa ajudar Niko a resgatar seus amigos que foram capturados no misterioso Otherworld, passando por por níveis desafiadores, evitando armadilhas, enfrentando monstros e colecionando conquistas. E para vocês, jogadores do Habbo Hotel, há também benefícios extras e valiosos que vocês podem obter em Niko e trazer pro Habbo!

En quelques mots:
Niko est une formidable aventure mêlant action et jeu de plateforme. Pour aider Niko à secourir ses amis - prisonniers d'un mystérieux monde parallèle - il vous faut sprinter au milieu du danger, déjouer les pièges, éviter les monstres et enchainer les succès. Et pour tout utilisateur d'Habbo Hotel, plein de bonus à débloquer et à ramener sur Habbo!

Descrizione per l'Italia:
Niko è una divertentissima avventura che combina tutta l'adrenalina di una platform d’azione con un sorprendente design grafico. Aiuta Niko a ritrovare i suoi amici prigionieri del misterioso Otherworld, affronta diversi livelli, fai attenzione alle trappole che incontrerai lungo iI cammino e colleziona traguardi. E non è finita qui... per gli utenti di Habbo Hotel tanti premi e extra da conquistare nel mondo di Niko e convertire in Habbo!


Niko App Review

Our Rating: Device: iPad/iPhone Price: FREE Category: Games Size: 21.1 MB

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    You could probably go into the lctaaog and buy the bags or gold bars of money. You can double click on them and redeem them later, like furni.I don’t know if they still have those. I haven’t played Habbo in years, it sucks so much.

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