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Reviewed on March 9th, 2012


Device: iPad/iPhone Price: $.99 Version: 1.0 Category: Games Developer: Angry Rock Studio

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Sminis is platform puzzler game. This game is Lemmings for a new generation. With beautiful artwork run inside the Unreal Engine, this game is breathtaking.

Every level has you making your way past machines that stand in the way between you and robot freedom. One button controls your fate, that button makes you start and stop. This seems easy enough until you realize that multiple sminis appear on-screen at one time. So while you’re trying to guide your first smini past the giant mechanical monstrosity trying to obliterate you, you have to start worrying about how to handle the next one that pops on screen. Knowing full well that in a few seconds you will have another one pop out behind it. This makes for a very stressful, yet fun and addictive experience.

There are thirty levels total. Every ten levels has a boss stage that is significantly harder than the nine that came before it. Also you have complete at least two stars on each stage to get to that boss stage. Through the stages you’ll find secret hats that you tap and unlock, then you can wear throughout the game.

Overall this is fun-filled game will keep you occupied for a great bit of time with it’s challenging gameplay. I highly recommend this title.

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App Store Description:

Angry Rock Studios presents
The Sminis are escaping!

Featured on the App Store's New and Noteworthy!

"Sminis is a unique 3D puzzle title with an emphasis on quick reflexes..." - IGN

"... a beautifully realized title." - AppAdvice

Through a freak accident, an evil scientist’s littlest robot minions have been given free will and are now seeking freedom one Smini at a time. Help the Sminis navigate the evil scientist’s facilities without letting too many of them get crushed, sliced, destroyed by one of the evil scientist’s guardian robots, or any of the obstacles standing in your way. Sminis is a timing and skill based game that pits you and your reflexes against carefully crafted levels full of obstacles and potential Smini destruction. Stylistic 3D environments using the Unreal Engine make each level a visual treat and allow for added depth and required strategy for each of Sminis levels. Get as many Sminis as you can to the exit on each stage to move forward and get the Sminis one step closer to freedom!


★ Sminis uses the world renowned Unreal 3 Engine to bring you stunning visual effects and stylistic 3d levels!

★ Intense reflex-based puzzler, puts your multi-tasking skills to the test!

★ 30 intricate and visually appealing levels with 3 Difficulty Modes each!

★ Collect Secret Helmets!

★ Game Center Achievements!


Sminis works with the following devices: iPhone 4 and 4S, iPod Touch 4, iPad and iPad2.

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Sminis App Review

Our Rating: Device: iPad/iPhone Price: $.99 Category: Games Size: 144 MB

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