Star Splitter 3D

Reviewed on November 24th, 2012


Device: iPad/iPhone Price: free Version: 1.0.0 Category: Games Developer: StepGames Inc.

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Star Splitter 3D – is a creation of the Russian developer StepGames Inc.
First of all the game attracts with its stanning 3D graphics, performed at the advanced level. Star Splitter creates a realistic atmosphere of space and quite a lively Universe.
The player will become an intergalactic pilot in the universe attacked by the aliens. Newly minted ranger needs to release the conquered territory, thus earning points and bonuses, which can then be spent on upgrading the spacecraft and buy new weapons. There are more than 80 types of weaponry: rocket launcher, plasma gun, telekinetic installation, plasma shield, superweapon “black hole” and others. In addition to the destruction of enemies, there are some tasks and missions of various corporations and organizations. Interests of such customers often are opposed: being faced with a choice, it is important not to make a mistake so not to spoil the relations with someone.
Star Splitter 3D offers about 60 jobs and missions to choose from.
Despite the fact that the gameplay is intuitive, the control is rather hard to get used to. To control the spaceship, you can choose an accelerometer or touch joystick, but in any event there is a fire button on the screen.
In general, the game leaves a pleasant feeling. Have a pleasent space trip!:)

App Store Description:

Real space shooter game with stunning graphics and attractive gameplay. Explore space in a whole new dimension and start shooting in Star Splitter 3D. Be an intergalactic pilot and start your journey in space by invading alien territory, performing missions, powering up your plane and navigating through space in Star Splitter 3D.


Star Splitter delivers an absolutely realistic experience - with all the stunning 3D graphics that go hand in hand with a revolutionary concept.


You're in space and in-charge of your powerful space shooter which is armed with lethal weapons. Invade alien territory and start off by shooting some of your enemies to gain points.


Featuring many missions and assignments from various customers and organizations. Acquire new weapons, become more powerful, destroy enemies, wipe away asteroids and protect your allies. Deploy a well thought strategy and take it to battle.


Get to know the universe better. Explore freely around and show off some of your exciting new skills or powerful weapons. Keep flying deeper and deeper in the intergalactic space in order to discover what lies ahead.


-Stunning 3D graphics support
-Intuitive gameplay
-Build up your spacecraft
-Choose new powerful weapons to upgrade your space shooter
-Over 60 different mission
-Fire laser guns, rockets, super weapons and more
-No second chance during gameplay
-Fight with aliens and capture their territory


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Star Splitter 3D

Our Rating: Device: iPad/iPhone Price: free Category: Games Size: 46.5 MB

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