Siegecraft App Review

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Every now and again, we’ll play a game that stands out from the rest of the games in a genre. In an ocean of Tower Defense games, Siegecraft shines like a beacon in the night.

Most Tower Defense games are either an Over-the-head or a Side-scroller view. This isn’t true 3D because you can’t play on the same level as what’s on the ground, but I wouldn’t discount it as 2D either. If you watch the video review, you’ll be able to see what we mean. (See Video Below) The sweeping shots of the levels found on the Title screen of the game is enough for us to wish this were an MMORPG so we could explore the visually rich environments.

The campaign challenges a player with 25 levels while playing as Knights, Vikings and Samurai. In typical Tower Defense style, you must defend against your attackers while attacking their structures and soldiers. In addition, some levels have you on the offense. With each level you beat, you’ll be awarded Gold coins that can be used to upgrade your weapons. Hint: Turn off the Auto-Aim for a X3 Gold Multiplyer.

At time of this publishing, the only weapons available in the game are the Crossbow (I call it a Ballista) and Catapult. The developer is planning on adding both a Trebuchet and a Battering ram to the arsenal at a later time.

In addition to Single-player mode there is a Multiplayer Online and a Multiplayer Split-screen mode.

Multiplayer Online:

You can invite a friend to a match or join a random game via Gamecenter within the game.

Crossbows and Catapults mode has two online players square off with their ballistas and catapults. Each player has 5 turns and the player with the most points at the end wins.

Graveyard Shift mode has two online players trade off shots on a level filled with zombies. The player with the most points at the end of 5 turns wins.
Tip: Kill the zombies in the back of the map for a higher score.

Multiplayer Split-Screen:

Two Towers – Players Must destroy the other team’s towers. The first to destroy both towers wins. This is the most challenging and fun multiplayer game type for us.
King of the Hill – Players must control the hill by killing the other team’s soldiers.
Dragon’s King – Players must control the center of the screen by killing the other team’s soldiers.

Overall this is a visually stunning game, while having an easy and familiar gameplay. There is great replay value in this game with the different Multiplayer options. We’d recommend this to anyone that enjoys Tower Defense games

This game was reviewed on iPad2 and not all modes may play on iPhone/iPod. We’ll update this when we have found out more.

Siegecraft App Review